Student Ambassador Program
At Openhouse, our dream is to empower students, our dream is to empower you! To be more aware, to raise our voices, to create inventions, to care for the underprivileged and to lead our country into the next era of progress & prosperity. We believe education is not only textbooks and exams, but in our ability to discuss issues via debates, to create art via dance & drama, to innovate via entrepreneurship and to express via writing.

The Student Ambassador Program is a three-week experience where you will build online learning communities while solving real-world business challenges, create impact in the ed-tech industry & collaborate with bright young minds from Bangalore & Kolkata.If you believe in this new culture of learning, we need you to spread the word with fellow students & parents. Let us believe in the power of education & ignite a spark in our country- one community at a time!
Class 9 - 12
sap culture
Strategic Planning
Team Building
Education Products
Critical Thinking
Understanding consumers
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How long is this program for?
Currently, the program spans for a period of three weeks. But, the bonds are forever.
What is the vision of SAP?
‘To facilitate an experience through which students contribute meaningfully to Openhouse’s growth, learn varied skills while creating real-life business impact, find some mentors and make a few new friends ‘
What skills will we work on?
Engagement, strategy, marketing, innovation & planning & execution and a lot more!
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