Raghav Nevatia
Raghav Sir loves to dance. He lives his life making the people around him move to music and making them realise its power. He is an outdoor person, who loves to travel. He is very passionate about sports and Its impact on our lives. He is also very interested in economics and political affairs around the world. He believes in the power of knowledge, discipline and perseverance. Lastly, he believes that with the right attitude and approach - there is nothing that we cannot achieve.
Class 2 - 12
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classroom culture
Persistence - Stick to It
Self-Awareness - Pause, Then Act
Apply/ Reapply - Use Your Learning
Resilience - Learn From Mistakes
Open-mindedness - Try something new
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All of us are dancers, we just go through different processes. Enjoy the process, learn from your mistakes and only compare yourself with you, not someone else. Be persistent, stick to it and you'll definitely achieve your goals.
If you were not a teacher, what would you be doing and why?
I would be doing a job, in the field of marketing. Simply because it is the next best thing I could possibly go for.
What is your most treasured possession and why?
My shoes. Still have my dance shoes from my early school and college days. It's more than just a footwear, it's a feeling.
Which is your go-to website on the internet and why?
YouTube. Content is everything. Best place to find music and some inspirational videos.
Who is your favourite musician/ artist?
Hmmm, I have a couple but I'll go with Eminem.
If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
Healing ability. I would cure the diseases/illnesses we probably don't have a cure for.
What do you think is the most valuable skill to develop and why?
Time management. Understanding the importance of time is the most valuable thing and it sets apart the best from the good.
One person in history you’d like to have dinner with and why?
Keone Madrid (one of the finest dancers in the world) for multiple reasons. Firstly, as an artist getting to know his process/ talking about what he did. Secondly, his knowledge about the industry. Lastly, because he seems like a fun guy.
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