Arnab Banerjee
Rabindra Sangeet and Economics are two of Arnab Sir’s passions. Even though Sir has been teaching Economics for 32 years, he still feels that there’s always more to learn. He strongly values the principles of integrity and honesty and tries to inculcate these values in the students that he mentors.
Class 11 - 12 (ISC)
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classroom culture
Persistence - Stick to It
Empathy - Understand Others
Self-Awareness - Pause, Then Act
Critical Thinking - Ask, Then Resolve
Curiosity - Ask More Questions
more about the teacher
If you were not a teacher, what would you be doing and why?
A performing artist maybe. I've been brought up in an atmosphere of music and theater.
Write a note to your potential future student
I aim at seeing the person developing as one with substance and objective in life. So it is important to be interactive and have a thoughtful mind with unending queries, not only about the subject but also about life!
One person in history you’d like to have dinner with and why?
Rabindranath Tagore. Always imagined to have a direct look at his eyes and only try to realize the depth and dynamism of the person (who cares about dinner!)
One student lingo you cannot understand?
"Dude" - they apply it almost everywhere!
What is your most treasured possession and why?
Non-materialistic? I'm honest with myself
Which is your go-to website on the internet and why?
Google. You have "almost" everything!
Who is your favourite musician/ artist?
R. D. Burman / Amitabh Bachchan
If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
To have food available at will, which would have saved a lot of lives.
What do you think is the most valuable skill to develop and why?
Honesty and Integrity. They are invaluable actually.
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